The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has determined that the publication of information by public benefit organisations (ANBI) via the internet is a legal condition for maintaining the ANBI status. Such an institution must publish its contact details, policy plan, financial data and current activities on its website. Its purpose is to promote public confidence in the philanthropic sector.

Organisation details

Name: Inspire Courage for Change Stichting
Address: Betuwe 28, 8245 BG, Lelystad, Netherlands
Bank account (IBAN): NL76 RABO 0340 5952 72
RISN Nummer: 859858285
KVK Nummer: 74329944

Purpose of the organisation

Our purpose is to produce and use films and the arts to inspire people around the world to take meaningful action to change their environment and themselves. This is achieved through:

  1. To finance the creation and production of films and arts that inspire courage for change;
  2. To develop, produce and distribute educational toolkits to accompany films to stimulate meaningful conversations and action;
  3. To inspire, train and accompany individuals who wish to use the media of film to inspire courage for change;
  4. To develop and execute campaigns and projects to systematically reach as many people as possible;
  5. To strengthen collaboration and partnership with like-minded organisations;
  6. To provide scholarships and other financial support to actors and crew involved in the making of films that inspire courage for change.

Policy Plan

Read here our policy plan for the coming years (2019-2020) in Dutch. In short, the plan consists of the following goals and strategies:

Creating inspiring films

The coming two years will be dedicated towards the creation and production of an inspiring and thought-provoking film called “Next Door”. This narrative drama will raise awareness and stimulate discussion around some of the pressing issues concerning the polarisation and radicalisation of youth (western and eastern) following the influx of muslim refugees in western countries. The film will be used as a tool in schools and communities to address the prejudices that exist on ‘both sides’, with the ultimate aim of creating compassion, understanding, dialogue and friendship across perceived irreconcilable differences.

Stimulating meaningful conversations

We wish to reach more people who are watching and discussing the award-winning film “Mercy’s Blessing”. A resource kit has been developed and will need to be translated into various languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese (revised), Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Norwegian, and Rohingya language.

Encourage and accompany

We will continue to help people around the world to develop plans of action to use the film as a tool to inspire change in their environment. We will act as tutors for “Creators of the Future” competition in Brazil that aims to encourage youth to use film to think about a different future they wish to help create. We will continue to be in touch with individuals who use the film Mercy’s Blessing through the video platform “Videocamp”.  Regular posts on social media will inspire people to start using the film and create spaces for meaningful conversations.

Visits to projects

We will act as keynote speakers at large gatherings about the use of film to create social impact and the mobilization of youth.

Collaborate with like-minded organisations

We wish to actively strengthen our collaboration with organisations that have a wide network of schools and youth groups that wish to use the films to enhance their own activities. We wish to collaborate with a Malawian organization, Bambino Foundation, in developing and executing a nation-wide awareness campaign, ‘The Case of the Missing Girl’ to help keep girls in school and to reduce child brides. According to UNICEF in Malawi, less than 25% of girls are finishing primary school, less than 5% of girls finish secondary school and 50% of girls are child brides.

Provide scholarships

To continue providing scholarships to actors in the film “Mercy’s Blessing” so that they can complete their tertiary education.

Fund raising activities

The Foundation intends to receive funding through fund raising activities from donor organisations, companies and individuals who recognise the impact of the Foundation’s endeavours. Concerted efforts will be made to systematically raise our capacity to develop grant proposals and raise funds.

Board of Directors

The Foundation has a Board of Directors consisting of three members:

  • Chairperson: Prof. dr. Bert Kersten
  • Secretary: Yolande van den Hoogen
  • Treasurer: Drs. Dini Hilbron

The policies and strategies are executed by an Executive Officer or Executive Team who reports directly to the Board. The Board can hire or dismiss the Executive Officer(s) after thoughtful and frank consultation.

Remuneration policy

Board members do not receive any remuneration for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the exercise of their function as board member. Executive Officers are in principle working as volunteers, but can be remunerated according to the salary category secretarial worker.

Report of activities

The annual reports can be found here:

Financial reporting

Since the Foundation was established on 21 March 2019, its first annual financial report covers the period of 21 March 2019 to 31 December 2019. It can be found 2019 financial report.